Belly Fat Causes and How to Get Rid Of It Fast

Updated: April 13, 2017

Belly fat lose is a concern of almost everybody nowadays. The process of getting this condition is rather tough and rather disappointing at times.

It therefore takes your efforts to try your best to get rid of the fat surrounding your lower belly. This is presently affecting either sex, male and female. Understanding what causes the fat is thus very important to find a perfect solution on how to get rid of it.

Causes of belly fat

It has been a common believe that only obese people are prone to developing this condition. More people including thin but healthy ones are actually developing belly fat! So what are the causes of this disturbing condition?

  • Obesity is one of the causes of causes. People suffering this health disorder are likely to develop belly fat as compared to healthy individuals.
  • Genetic transfer- it is likely that genetic factors can lead to development of belly fat in case some members of your family also have it.
  • Stress is also likely to increase chances of developing belly fat. This is as a result of production of cortisol hormone when you are stressed that stimulates the liver to produce more starch (sugar) which gets store in the stomach. The accumulation of the sugar is what leads to this unpleasant condition of belly fat.
  • Improper sleeping posture-what?! Yes, this is one of the causes of developing belly fat. Many people have never tough of this but it sure does. Sleeping on your belly eventually gain fat around this area! Though this position seems more relaxing, be warned that you may develop belly fat quite easily more especially if you have problems with your digestive system. This can also be accelerated by sleeping immediately after having meals. Food needs to be allowed some time for digestion to take place. Without allowing yourself some time for digestion, the food is likely to turn to belly fat! It is therefore recommended that you have your meals at least some two hours prior to sleeping.
  • Poor digestion also plays a role in development of belly fat. In case you are having digestion problem symptoms such as bloating and constipation, then the chances of developing belly fat are very high.
  • Menopause in women is also another cause of belly fat. This is as a result of hormonal change taking place at this period with ore fat getting deposited to the lower belly of women.

Understanding the causes of belly fat, you can realize that it takes eliminating some of the tiny daily things that are likely to get you to this unpleasant condition.

How to get rid of belly fat

  • Keeping an active metabolism-Belly fat can be quite frustrating to many people even when they are trying to cut down on the amount of calories they take in every meal. Since different people have different metabolisms, it is good to keep your metabolism active in order for the body to burn more calories. In order to improve on your metabolism, you need to get various body functions active such as respiration, digestion, circulation and muscle contraction through rigorous physical training. Lazy metabolism is likely to increase belly fat, the reason why you should improve your metabolism by ensuring that you take your breakfast and some healthy snacks during the day. Snacks are proven to be effective in balancing blood sugar in the body and boost the energy levels in the muscles and body in general. Snacks on the other hand fill your stomach preventing you from taking more food especially fat foods that may lead to accumulation of fats on your lower belly.
  • Regular and proper vitamin intake is also very essential in getting rid of belly fat. Take more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins B and magnesium to improve body metabolism which will get rid of belly fat quickly.
  • Watch the calories you take at every meal. This is the basic rule to getting rid of belly fat. Do not take too much calories than your body can burn per day.

The process of getting rid of belly fat differs from one person to another considering the fact that there are different causes of the condition. Determining the cause of your condition will help determine the right method to apply o get rid of belly fat.

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