Building Lean Muscles Faster – How Possible Is It?

Updated: April 13, 2017

Building lean muscles is a simple yet complex process to carry out on your body. It therefore needs to be done with great caution and good know how since are bound to happen. Simply said, it comprises of three simple guidelines that if well combined will bring about best results. What you eat, how you train and how much time you rest all determine the possibility of developing lean muscles.

Train gradually and consistently

The best bodybuilders you see on TV and magazine adverts all started somewhere and worked their way gradually to where they are right now. It may take even years so don’t be surprised why results are not showing on side forthright after getting into a training programme. Gradual training ensures that you build your strength from time to time. You do not need to compete with guys who have been on the gym all their life and you are just a newbie. What you need to start with is having light weight lifting or simply doing some little pushups at your home as you proceed up with more and more weights. Adding more weights each time will give your muscles a reason to try harder forcing them to grow. Without this persistence, you will get nowhere with your body building friend!

Eat well

A well planned eating program should be laid down for each single day to ensure that only healthy foods are consumed. Foods rich in vitamins, minerals whole grains and more importantly proteins are very essential for better development of lean muscles. Healthy eating enables your muscles to grow bigger when combined with better training exercises.

Sleep well and take a good rest

This is what is referred to as recovery time. This is the time when your muscles are bound to grow. This is because at this time the muscles are regaining the energy lost during training and the fibers expanding making them to grow. If you think that muscles grow with continuous training, then you are wrong. The fact is that muscle growth takes place during recovery time. Take a good nap after training and your muscles will grow tremendously.

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