Flat Stomach – Best Women Workouts for Belly Fat Lose

Updated: April 13, 2017

Belly fat is often a disturbing experience amongst women. This is because the fat under the abdomen makes one uncomfortable while doing some things. Having a flat stomach without such fat is the dream of every lady out there to get that figure that every person wants to look at a second time. There are a number of stomach exercises for women to cut the belly fat coupled with a strict guideline on the type of food to take in the process of training. These two considerations are the most perfect means of getting a flat belly for women.

While carrying out stomach exercises, you need to take food containing less calories so as to reduce the amount of calorie deposits in the lower stomach area. This will eventually help in cutting out the belly fat that is disturbing you. Some of the exercises that are effective in developing a flat belly are such as;


There are various exercises to be performed under this category as you try to cut that fat around your belly. Exercises such as crunches, sit-ups and cycling are examples of aerobics and all help to strengthen abdominal muscles giving your body that lean and toned appearance. While undertaking these exercises, it is important to maintain a god postural alignment to void injuries. The head should always be laid flat on the ground and the legs at least hip apart.

Right twist, left oblique exercises– are also very essential for the stomach. The exercise is all about lying flat on the ground having your hands behind head towards your neck. Raise your body and tilt it towards one side bending one of your knees and twisting it at the other’s knee. The right elbow should meet the left knee and the opposite is true. Repeating this couple of times will help greatly strengthen the stomach muscles. The left twist also involves the same but now having the body twisted to different directions.

Crunches– involve lying flat on your back and then and bending the upper back slightly till you can’t move it any further. At this point, you retain that position for a while before getting back to the original position. This kind of exercise is also very crucial for your stomach to flatten.

Sit ups– are just crunches but in this case the whole back will be raised off the ground with the knees bent slightly pressing the stomach muscles to stretch them burning the belly fat.

Cardio exercises

The most effective stomach exercises are the cardio exercises like jogging and walking. The exercises are known to burn considerably a good amount of fats round the stomach area.

Lastly, there are the stomach vacuum exercises that are meant to effectively work on the muscles around the abdominal area. The exercises are very helpful and successful in drawing tat waist line that every woman admires to have.

From training experts, it is indicated that the workouts and exercises targeted on stomach muscles. Gradual training is very important. This means that there are exercises that should come in the later stages of training. While starting to train for these exercises, warming up should come first with simple exercises following as you get to the tactical ones. This is to get the body ready for the exercises. The shoulders should come first as you get down to the abdomen and later the concentrating with the stomach having developed a belly fat. Regular training combined with good eating and having a good rest known as the recovery time will boost the effects of the performance. Some supplements also help in fastening the recovery period and also help in burning the belly fat faster attaining the most perfect waist line.

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