How Much Salt Do You Need In Your Diet For Proper Body Building?

Updated: April 13, 2017

Maintenance of optimum salt level in the body is ideal for a perfect body building and muscle development process. It is true that accumulation of too much salt, basically sodium is very harmful to your health. There are a number of medical conditions that have been proved to come as a result of talking too much salt in our daily diets. High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and kidney stones are just a few of the conditions. It is therefore recommended that the amount of salt taken during every meal be reduced to an optimum level that may not cause any imbalance in the system resulting to the mentioned medical conditions. But, how much of sodium do you really require when you are working out?

Under rigorous training, it has been proved that sodium needs by the body increase. Unlike a relaxed individual, working out that involves jogging often requires more of sodium in the body. During work outs and training, you are likely to lose more salt from the body through sweating which should get replaced while taking meals which means that more of the salt has to be taken. Failure to take more salt will result to a deficiency in the blood stream as required. Prior to intense training and vigorous exercises, it is advisable that you take a greater amount of sodium and even after training. This is the only way you are going to maintain salt level in the body at the recommended amount.

Importance of sodium for body builders

Generally salt is very crucial to both body builders and everybody else. Having an optimum amount of salt in the body ensures a proper working of the muscles and other body neurons in transmitting impulses right to the central nervous system which is the brain. With low amounts of sodium in the body, there is a likelihood of impairing the functioning of the muscles and the nervous system in general. This is a serious condition which may welcome in a number of ailments and generally affect the performance of the body.

Effects of low sodium level in the body

After rigorous training and running, the body is likely to suffer a low concentration of salt which may result to a condition called hyponatremia. This condition occurs in case of intense training without taking mineral supplements. Salt is usually lost from the body through sweating. Many of the trainees usually feel thirsty at this point and tend to drink more water which even lowers salt concentration in blood causing hyponatremia. There are several symptoms to indicate a low concentration of sodium in the body as a result of lose during training and workouts. Disorientation, nausea and muscle cramps are the common symptoms of low amounts of salt in the boy. The same effects are felt when one is dehydrated however the remedy for the two cases differ. Dehydration can be cured just by taking more water while the same will worsen the situation in the case of hyponatremia. Therefore the remedy to this condition is by eating salty foods and sports drinks that have a high concentration of sodium in them.

How to maintain optimum amounts of sodium while training

The only logic is to know the proper amount of sodium that is required by your body. Eating salty foods prior to and after training sessions is quite helpful to maintain salty level in the body from dropping. Sports drinks containing a higher concentration of sodium are ideal for drinking after training instead of water. The body needs to have more salt reserves just before training so that the muscles will perform their functioning properly without any fatigue. Avoided steroids that may interfere with muscle development and functioning. Such drugs are known to lower sodium concentration in the body opening up for such conditions as hyponatremia.

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