How to Perform Your Workouts for Fast Gain in Muscle Mass

Updated: April 13, 2017

Usually the greatest hindrance to muscle building is not about going to the gym very little number of times; it is about doing the workouts the wrong way. Doing the workouts the right way as expected is what you therefore need to focus on while going to the gym. Some people get to the gym on a daily basis, lift weights but get frustrated by not adding any mass. The solution to that is just right here; perform your workouts in the right way.

  • Use compound free weight movements

At the gym you can either decide to use free weights or machine weights but the truth is that free weights are more convenient in terms of gain in muscle mass than machine weights. Compound exercises are also crucial to muscle gain as compared to single joint movements that only help the growth of only specific muscles. Compound muscles on the other hand increase the intensity of training thus assurance of better results.

  • Progression

There should be at least some kind of progression in your training program if you want to increase your muscle mass. You can’t keep training with the same weights all year round and expect to gain muscle mass fast. At least after every two weeks of training, you should be able to add some more weights and continue the process till you are full developed with mass around your muscles. You can also achieve this by increase the number of reps or sets using the same weights and decreasing the time between sets.

  • Recovery

It is not necessary that you keep training every single day for muscle gain. Your muscles need a break and some recovery time to regain the lost energy and repair the damaged tissues. Training on a daily basis is rather harmful since it is likely to tear out your muscle fibers instead of building them. Simply follow this training routine and you will be surprised how fast it works for you.

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